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Home Watch Services in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville NC. Click for service area.

Routine Home Check Services

Serving Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Cary and surrounding triangle areas of North Carolina

  • Home inspection (make sure house is locked and secured)
  • Check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage
  • Maintain front door area and keep yard clear of debris
  • Outside / Inside faucet and hose leak check
  • Fire hazard check (stove, range, fireplace, unplug appliances)
  • Irrigation clock/system check
  • Perimeter door and window check
  • Alarm / security system test
  • HVAC / Utility and thermostat setup
  • Visible water leak check
  • Mail, newspaper, and parcel retrieval
  • Insect and pest check
  • Indoor plant watering
  • Timed night lighting system check
  • Automobile start-up service
  • Running toilet check
  • Freezer, refrigerators & disposal check
  • Unusual odor, mold or mildew inspection
  • Key holder emergency response service
  • E-mail communication with client as requested

NOTE: House watch service fees for homes over 3,500 feet are determined by size, configuration, and amenities.

Additional Services by Request

  • Outdoor plant watering ($18/visit/acre)
  • Pet watching / feeding while on regular visit ($18/visit)
  • Swimming pool/water feature monitoring ($18)
  • Seniors or teens living on property watch ($18/hour)
  • Daily sanitation systems operation ($18/visit)
  • Emergency management ($18/visit)
  • Service provider arrangement (electricians & plumbers) ($18/visit)
  • Appointment delivery receiving service ($18/hour)
  • Airport shuttle service ($18 / Tier 1 Area $24/ Tier 2 Area)
  • House cleaning service (quotes provided by request)
  • Lawn maintenance service (quotes provided by request)
  • House power washing and gutter cleaning (quotes provided by request)
  • Laundry pick-up and delivery wash, dry & fold ($18/visit + $5/pound)
  • Dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up ($18/visit + $5/piece)
  • Small package pick-up and shipping ($18/hour + shipping charge)
  • Local courier same day services ($18/pound + $18/hour)
  • Oversee household repairs or service visits ($18/hour)
  • “Wait For” services such cable/internet, deliveries, contractor visit ($18/hour)
  • Household/gift/grocery shopping ($18/hour)
  • Standard car wash ($18/hour + car wash fee)
  • Technology management (quotes provided by request)
  • Punch list coordination ($18/hour)
  • Basic Home Maintenance Service ($18/hour + material)
    Example services; replace bulbs, A/C filters, smoke detectors, batteries, refrigerator filter, etc.

If you have specific home-watch or house-sitting needs not mentioned here, please contact us so we can discuss how BD Home Watch Services can serve you. Remember, no home is too large or small for our house sitting services.